Solar Power

Solar Installers in Mandurah, Perth & South Yunderup


Solar panels and systems are paving the way to self-sustainability and as a source of renewable energy that benefits the users in many ways.

PEC Electrical is a premier company providing exceptional electrical services and one-stop solar energy solutions for both residential and business environments. We are a renowned company providing superior quality energy-saving solar solutions by installing them on the ground, rooftop and carport. Hire our licensed solar installers to install solar panels on your property in the most effective way.

We are equipped with an efficient team of professionals and solar installers, who will provide you with the newest and the most effective solar technology that best fits your needs and budget.

Our goal is to build a place with sustainable energy by providing our clients with solar systems in order to reduce cost, minimise the emission of greenhouse gases and give a cost-effective solution. Our trained solar installers in Mandurah help us to achieve this with their years of extensive experience and a high level of knowledge.

Benefits of Solar Power

The benefits of solar power for home owners and businesses in the Mandurah and surrounding areas are massive!

You can save hundreds of dollars on your electricity bills each year, while helping the environment by reducing your home or business’s carbon footprint.

On average, Perth households spend approximately $2,080 per year on their power bills. By making the switch to Solar, you could reduce that down to $620 per year. That’s a saving of $1,460 per year, back in your pocket by using our Perth Solar Installers.

Energy efficient homes and commercial buildings powered by solar are not just good for our planet and pocket, they are becoming a necessity.

PEC Electrical has the best solar installers in Mandurah, who can suggest you about the perfect place to install solar panels in your domestic and business premises that can help you to derive maximum benefits out of them.

Government Incentives & Rebates

The Australian Government offers incentives for home owners and businesses to reduce their carbon footprint.

Our customers receive savings at point of sale on the purchase and installation price of their solar power system. We then claim credits back from the scheme based on the current STC price.

Currently, the WA Government provide a reduced “feed-in tariff” that is available for systems of 5kw or less. This means you get paid for the excess power you generate, but don’t use through solar panels & solar-power systems.

The solar rebate started to reduce in January 2017, and will continue to reduce until it is completed phased out by the year 2032.

We are the Best Solar Installers with Quality and Experience

We take pride in having a team of solar professionals, who strive to grow continually and improve as a team and as an organisation. Our clients are highly satisfied with our high-quality service that exceeds all expectations by supplying the best solar products and services.

PEC Electrical supplies only the best products available in the market. Our solar installers in Mandurah are all solar accredited professionals, who have the knowledge and expertise to install solar panels and ensure that they work effectively in your residential or commercial property.

Our company’s expert solar installers in South Yunderup will arrive at your property fast after you book an appointment from us. They will check your recent electricity bill, electrical products used in your property and amount of usage throughout the day.

Our solar installers in South Yunderup will inspect your roof, check the shape and size of your roof to find the perfect solar panel that best fits your property. After seeing the sun’s orientation and checking the areas with maximum shade and any special requirements, the professionals will work out the price for installing solar panels.

Why choose PEC Electrical?

PEC Electrical supplies and installs solar panels from only the top solar manufacturers and suppliers, to ensure your solar panels are well made and competitively priced to meet your needs. With the help of our highly trained Perth solar installers, fix solar panels in your residential and business premises and you will never be disappointed.

Our solar power systems come with warranties of up to 25 years. They are made of the highest quality materials to ensure a long and durable lifetime, especially in the extreme climates WA often experiences. Our solar installers in South Yunderup have the efficiency and knowledge to fix these systems in the right place so that they can operate efficiently.

Solar System Accreditation

PEC Electrical is accredited by the Clean Energy Council for the design and installation of solar systems. By choosing an accredited solar installers in Mandurah, customers can feel confident that their system will be safely installed by a qualified professional.

Our Perth solar installers offer Solar Panels Installation service in Mandurah, Perth, Pinjarra, South Yunderup, Halls Head, Barragup, Lake lands, Dwellingup, and all surrounding areas.

To get the service from the trusted solar installers of the most reputable and fastidious company in installing quality solar panels at your home or office, call us on 0417 838 275. Our cordial staff will contact you at the earliest to discuss with you about your needs or provide you a quote.