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A company of repute, PEC Electrical has rich experience in providing high end and quality electrical services. We are specialised in catering to both residential and commercial electrical needs. Our professional electricians have the prowess to accomplish every electrical project efficiently, no matter how big it is. If you need service in electrical contracting in Mandurah for your domestic or business projects, PEC Electrical is your best choice.

When it comes to serving our clients, our professionals for electrical contracting in Mandurah don’t only turn up and complete the job, but we work along with our clients and combine their plans and ours to accomplish the project in a way that exceeds all expectations. With a high level of dedication and hard work, we have realised our goals and have exceeded them that has helped us evolve as a company.

Our Best Electrical Installation, Repairing and Replacement Professionals 

We are leading the electrical trade industry, having satisfied a large volume of clients all over Australia. We are equipped with a huge team of dedicated electrician Pinjarra, who have installed quality electrical products in numerous properties. Our tradesmen have set a new standard in the quality of work they deliver.

Our highly trained professional electrician Pinjarra tailor the best solution for your electrical needs at a reasonable price. All our electricians are certified, licensed, insured and bonded. So, when you entrust your electrical jobs to us, it will be performed by industry professionals complying with building and electrical code standards.

Our trusted contractors, who provide electrical contracting in Mandurah, have industry-leading knowledge and experience, making them experts when it comes to taking care of the electrical needs of your home or business. They always upgrade themselves with the knowledge of the latest technology that is currently used in the electrical trade industry. They know that all clients have unique needs for which they find innovative solutions to meet them.

Have peace of mind knowing that you are getting the best electrician Pinjarra when you book for any of the following electrical services.

Smoke alarms and smoke detectors

Did you know that Smoke Detectors expire after 10 years? We install smoke alarms to homes, rental properties and commercial premises to ensure all buildings comply with current building regulations. Our electricians Pinjarra also offer a yearly testing and cleaning program to ensure your smoke alarms are working effectively and will save lives when required. Request a quote.

Switchboard maintenance and upgrades

We are invested in keeping you safe and ensuring that all switchboard parts, service and installation is of the highest quality and safety standard. We install new switchboards, replace old switchboards and upgrade existing switchboards in Mandurah and surrounding suburbs. Book an appointment to avail the services of our electrician in South Yunderup.

Surge Protection

Surge protection provides defence against spikes that occur in your homes power supply due to over voltage and fluctuations from the main electricity grid. These spikes have the potential to destroy all electrical appliances in your home.

(RCD) Residual Current Devices

An RCD is a device that is installed to protect humans from electric shock in the event of an earth fault or contact with live parts. It is mandatory that all homes lighting and power circuits be protected by at least two RCD’s.  Our reliable contractors providing electrical contracting in Pinjarra can correctly install the residual current devices to ensure that your house or office is completely protected from fatal electric shocks. Give us a call today to see if your property is compliant.

Emergency service

PEC Electrical’s electricians in South Yunderup are available 24/7 with fully stocked vans to help you when the unexpected happens. Power failure is easily fixed once the fault is determined and we have the knowledge, experience & equipment to fix electrical emergencies & get your power back up and running. Contact Us.

Power points and USB outlets

Not enough power points? Our electricians in South Yunderup install new power points in convenient locations to suit your needs and let you get rid of those dangerous power boards. We can also install USB outlets for charging devices such as phones, tablets and bluetooth devices. Request a quote.


We are lighting experts with extensive knowledge of what lighting works best for each area of your home or business, both indoors and outdoors. We also provide advice on the latest lighting available to save you money on your power bills. Currently energy efficient LED lighting is more affordable, safer and has a longer life expectancy than halogen or traditional light globes. Book an appointment to get our excellent service of electrical contracting in Mandurah.

Ceiling fans

Get the air circulating indoors or outdoors with ceiling fans. PEC Electrical install ceiling fans in Mandurah and surrounding suburbs. Ceiling fans cool you down in summer and distribute warm air in winter. It’s a win-win! Request a Quote.

Fault finding

Electrical faults can occur for many reasons such as power shortages caused by appliances, or old and faulty wiring. If you experience burning smells, burn marks, sparks or flickering lights we recommend calling us immediately to assess the buildings safety. If you lose power – check with your neighbours in case of a blackout and check your switchboard to see if the RCD has tripped. If it continues to trip don’t keep turning it on, this can cause more damage, give us a call and get our professional service of electrical contracting in Pinjarra.

Security Sensor lights

Security sensor lights are a great idea for access to and from your home or workplace. You never have to remember to turn the light on or off again. It can also help deter criminals from entering. Our electricians in South Yunderup can help you by installing these sensor lights in the right places of your home or office. Request a quote.

Exhaust Fans and Ventilation

Get the service of our electrical contracting in Pinjarra to install fans and ventilation in your home or business including cooking exhaust fans in the kitchen, bathroom exhaust fans that remove steam and reduce mould build up, toilet fans to remove odour and ceiling or floor ventilation systems to remove hot air and damp air.

We Offer High-Quality Service at Affordable Rates

If you are pondering on the expenses of availing our electrical services, then you will be glad to know that we offer our services at the lowest rates in comparison to our competitors. We always provide transparent quotes with straightforward price for every service you want to get. There are no hidden fees or extra charges.

We offer Electrical Contracting in Mandurah, Pinjarra, South Yunderup, Halls Head, Barragup, Lake lands, Dwellingup, and all surrounding areas.


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