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Safety Switch & RCD Installation in Mandurah, WA

Safety switches or residual current devices (RCDs) are designed to protect people from electrical hazards. They work by detecting small amounts of current, typically less than 1mA, that flow in an unintended path. RCDs have saved countless lives and prevented thousands of injuries over the last century since their invention. Unfortunately, they can be challenging to set up and maintain properly for maximum safety. 

It’s easy to forget that electricity is dangerous. We take it for granted, but the truth is that we are at risk of electrical shocks and burns every time we use our connected appliances. Safety switches are the first line of defence against electric shock. When current leakage is detected, they automatically shut off the household electricity supply and prevent severe injury or worse.

The use of safety switches (RCD) has become compulsory in many parts of Australia. PEC Electrical is a company that provides electrical safety switch (RCD) installation services for homes in Mandurah and the surrounding suburbs. Our service technicians will inspect your home’s current electrical system and install safety switches where needed as per the standards to reduce the electrocution risk.

How Safety Switch ( RCD) works?

Electrical safety switches protect you from electric shock by breaking the circuit when something goes wrong with your house wiring or electrical appliance. They can save your life! 

These devices are also known as Residual Current Devices (RCDs). They measure the amount of incoming current with the outgoing. It quickly and automatically isolates a circuit when it detects that the electric current is unbalanced between the circuit’s power supply and return conductors.

In every 30 milliseconds, the safety switch performs a simple calculation.

If the result is ‘YES’, then it does not take any safety action. But, if electricity doesn’t come back, it assumes it was lost dangerously and cuts off the electricity supply to that area.

Safety switches do this 99.9% of the time. The calculations are continuously done until one day the amount of electricity coming in is less than the amount going out.

Safety switches are as crucial as the power grid. When a switch senses an overload or short circuit in its system, it will immediately cut off any excess flow of electricity before enough voltage builds up to cause electric shock, serious injury and death.

Need Urgent Electrical Services in Mandurah?

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Why Choose PEC Electrical

PEC Electrical is the best choice for all of your electrical needs. We have experience installing safety switches for over 10 years and have the expertise to get it done right the first time. Our technicians are licensed, bonded, and insured so that you can feel confident in our workmanship. Our electricians for safety switch perform the electrical work as per the guidelines of EnergySafety and AS/NZS 3000:2018.

Our consultations and assessments are one-of-a-kind! We sit down with you to understand your needs and problems that need solving. With our qualified electrician on board, we can determine what solution will suit best-this benefits both the quality of service and saves money in the long term by not opting for a quick fix.

We offer a wide range of RCD safety switches so you can make sure your home has a higher level of protection against electrical accidents. Our licensed electrician will inspect your home, so they know which switch will work best for you and install it professionally at an affordable price. We’ll take care of any issues with your electrical systems quickly and efficiently, so they don’t get out of hand before we know it! You can count on us for exceptional customer service that gives you peace of mind.

PEC Electrical offers high-quality electrical services at competitive prices, along with outstanding customer service and support for all our products and services. Contact Us at 0417 838 275 or request a service online.

FAQs About RCD's

Installing an electrical safety switch is not expensive. Protecting your family, home, and yourself will take minimal effort and cost.

The installation cost of the electrical safety switch entirely depends on how complicated the installation process is. The cost of installing safety switches starts at $200+GST.

Regulators recommend that each circuit should have its own RCD safety switch. There could be one for lighting, another for hot water, etc. So when a trip occurs, you can determine its cause, which helps you resolve the issue sooner. RCBO breaker installation is also recommended on all power outlet circuits to ensure power comes from two separate zones (electricity supplies) instead of one source like traditional circuit breakers.

In accordance with the Electricity Regulations 1947, residential properties for sale or rental must have at least two RCDs. There can not be more than three of these circuits on any one circuit breaker, and lighting switches must be divided evenly between them, with no less than half being attached to each protection device.

When an electrical safety switch goes off, it’s not necessarily an emergency. When the alarm sounds, and you don’t know what to do, follow these steps: Firstly, go turn it back on (if this works, then there’s no need for further investigation). If turning it back on doesn’t work or is unsuccessful after two attempts, start investigating why your machine might be malfunctioning. You should call a licensed electrician

The safety switch should always be on. If the safety switch is tripped, that means

  • The power outlet or power board is overloaded.
  • Faulty wiring or loose wiring (it can cause damage to property, electrical fires etc.)
  • Faulty household appliances (fridge, oven, charger, etc.)
  • Water coming into contact with wiring due to leaking pipes, a leaking roof, or any other source of water
  • Faulty or defective safety switch

A short circuit can lead to troublesome events with severe consequences. Here are some of the common issues that trigger this life-saving mechanism-a safety switch:

  • Defective appliances like hairdryers, toasters, refrigerators, juicers
  • Defective house wiring
  • Damage to a wire (such as hammering a nail through a wall)
  • Termites or rodents nibbling on electrical wires or power points
  • Having water leak through the roof, walls, or windows into the power sockets, light fixtures, and electrical wiring
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