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Emergency & Urgent Electrician in Mandurah, WA

Do your electrical switches or outlets feel hot to the touch? Is your home experiencing partial, sustained power outages? Your circuit breaker keeps tripping over and over again? Electrical problems can be dangerous and scary. If you’re not an electrician, it can be hard to know what’s wrong with your electrical system and how much the electrical repair services will cost.

In the event of a power outage, you can always rely on an emergency master electrician to come help restore your electricity. They will make sure that safety is their top priority during any electrical service call. They are licensed professionals who are trained for complex situations. Whether it’s day or night, they will send a 24hr emergency electrician, which means there’ll be someone here when you need them most!

Hiring a professional electrician is expensive and time-consuming, but it could lead to severe injuries or even death if you don’t fix the problem quickly. PEC Electrical provides rapid emergency electrician services for all electrical problems at affordable rates in Mandurah and its suburbs. We’ll make sure that your home is safe again so that you can get back to living life without worrying about these issues! Our team is always on call to help you in your emergency.

What's Considered Electrical Emergency Services?

Calling a 24-hour electrician is the last resort for many people. However, when faced with an emergency like burnt wires or a loss of power in your home, it’s important to call them ASAP and get yourself out of harm’s way so you are not at risk of electrocution. We all know that electricity can be dangerous if mishandled; there have been cases where even non-electrical experts have been killed by faulty electrical wiring near their homes!

The following list includes reasons why calling a professional service could save your life during an electrical emergency.

When to Call Western Power for Electrical Emergency Services?

Managing Trees Near Power Lines

Or Call 13 13 51 immediately.

Need Urgent Electrical Services in Mandurah?

Contact our friendly team here at PEC Electrical for same day services.

Why Choose PEC Electrical for Emergency services

Do you need an emergency master electrician?

When your electrical equipment breaks down, you need to get it repaired as quickly as possible.

Our consultation and assessment process is one-of-a-kind! We work with you to understand your needs and problems that need solving. With our experienced and qualified electricians on board, we can determine what solution will suit your project best-this benefits both the quality of service and saves money in the long term by not opting for a quick fix.

PEC Electrical is here for you 24/7 to help with any electrical problems that might arise in your home, office, or factory. We can fix everything from faulty wiring and blown fuses to broken light bulbs and shorted out power outlets no matter when they happen. Our skilled electricians are fully licensed, so you know that we will do quality workmanship every time we visit your property during an emergency!

When you require a 24-hour emergency electrician in Mandurah and its suburbs, call our experienced team.

Contact us today for all of your residential and commercial needs! 

PEC Electrical offers high-quality electrical services at competitive prices, along with outstanding customer service and support for all our products and services. Contact Us at 0417 838 275 or request a service online.


FAQ's About Electrical Emergencies

The emergency electricians at PEC Electrical are trained to handle the following types of emergency work:

  • Restore power to your home as soon as possible by identifying the cause and resolving the problem.
  • Rewire or replace the fuse box or switchboard to restore power
  • Your PowerPoint outlet will be replaced or repaired so that it won’t have any more electrical issues.
  • Inspect your household for any electrical smells, sparks or flickering.
  • Make sure your hot water tank is working properly so you can take a warm shower.
  • Make sure the safety switch does not turn on and off unintentionally.
  • Reconnect any power poles lost due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • To prevent future power outages, make sure your home is electrically safe from electrical hazards.

Emergency call out charges for a licensed electrician can vary depending on the severity of the problem and the circumstances. If you want to get a quote for the cost before they come, let us know what’s wrong to give you a better idea of how much it’ll be.

Here are the different scenarios.

Fires caused by electricity 

Overloaded wiring or flammables stored near lightbulbs can cause electrical fires. You should follow these steps in case of a fire caused by electrical equipment.

  • You shouldn’t extinguish electric fires with water. Putting water on fire can put your life at risk as water will conduct electricity, so as soon as possible, call the fire department. Call an ambulance if someone has been injured.
  • You may use a fire extinguisher if you have one on hand and have adequate training to use one. Apart from that, do not remain on the site.

Power lines that have fallen near your home

  • In cases of fallen power lines near your home, assume they are live. It’s all about step potential. Don’t panic; follow these steps. 
  • Don’t move and stay where you are. Electrical current needs a conductor to travel, and the human body is a better conductor than the ground.
  • Avoid escaping the situation by walking away or running from it.
  • Immediately call 000 and wait for Western Power to make the area safe if you can reach your phone without moving your feet.
  • You can ask passers-by to call 000 for you if you are unable to do so. You must also maintain an 8-metre space around the damaged power lines.
  • Whenever you feel a threat to your life or health, slowly move out of your current position, keeping both feet close together. Your feet should never be apart when you touch the ground.

Please visit the link below to find out more.


Electrical shock from faulty appliances

When someone is electrocuted by an appliance like a toaster, hairdryer, or hardware equipment, they receive an electrical shock.

  • Unplug the appliances, automated systems, and turn off the electricity at the premises’ main power switchboard to prevent further electrical damage.
  • You should contact your local rapid emergency electrician service. We recommend that you call an ambulance right away.
  • While an ambulance is being dispatched, the injured person should stay still and lie down. Please do not touch the person who has been shocked, as you could also be injured.

The moment you notice any of the above-mentioned faults, call the emergency electrician. We are always on hand to handle any emergency. Please get in touch with PEC electrical urgent electrician right away.

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Proessional, Reliable &
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We called PEC to fix our electric oven and install some power points & ceiling fan. PEC were prompt and efficient & excellent quality work. Would recommend and use again.

– Lauran Jones
What our clients say

Professionalism, Punctuality & Quality

Very professional. Appreciate a courtesy call to say what time they were coming. Very thorough and completed job quickly. Will happily use again

– jasmine wirth
What our clients say

Quality And Responsiveness

Very quick, professional, and friendly service. Will absolutely use again for all electrical issues I have. Cannot recommend them enough.

– Lara Napier
What our clients say

Punctuality, Quality & Responsiveness

Cameron and his apprentice did a great job, very pleasant and professional, and reasonable prices compared to some other quotes for the same work. Props for coming out on a Sunday too.

– Jack Fischer